7 Tips for the Best Orlando Theme Park Experience

June 27, 2019


There’s no doubt that visiting the Orlando theme parks are everyone’s childhood dreams, but there’s nothing like lack of preparation and planning to spoil your experience. Here are some of our tips for you before planning an Orlando theme park trip:


  1. Pre-book your airport transfer service in advance 

The closest airport for your dream vacation would be Orlando International Airport (MCO). The easiest and most convenient way to get from Orlando International Airport to your hotel and back is by airport transfer or charter a van. Spend less time waiting in long taxi queues at the airport and more time on your favorite theme park rides. Whether you are traveling with groups or honeymooners, we are the one that fits your needs and budget, check out this -5% one-way charter service between Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando, FL here!


  1. Staying on-site vs off-site theme park hotel

When you are in Orlando you can either staying on-site at a theme park hotel, or off site hotel. For the prices it may seem more expensive for on-site hotel, but there are many benefits to staying at a theme park hotel, plus you’ll have a number of uniquely-themed accommodation options depending on where you want to stay. If you are staying off-site hotel, you can stay near the theme park you want to visit to save some time travelling. 


  1. Timing is everything

Some of the more popular attractions in theme park often have wait times of over an hour or more, so there are a few tips to avoid the big crowds and get in your favorite ride faster! The best times are early morning and late afternoon for shorter queue times, so plan to arrive early, stay late, or both. If you’re happy to skip the parades and fireworks shows, you’ll notice that attraction wait times are usually at their lowest.

It is also a good idea to plan for an early or late lunch. This not only allows you to benefit from smaller crowds at the attractions, but also avoid the lunch rush at the theme park’s many restaurants. 

If you stay at an onsite resort, you’ll have the advantage of entering both theme parks 1 hour before opening time, giving you extra time to check out the more prominent attractions first


  1. Pack some drinking water and sunscreen

Nothing ruins a holiday more than sunburn or heatstroke. To avoid both, we can stocking up on sunscreen and bottled water before heading off to the theme parks. 


  1. Single rider line

The single rider line is designated for people who are travelling on their own or who are willing to go on rides with strangers, as single riders are placed in single spots left empty on rides. The single rider queue is often unmarked, so many people don’t know how to use them.


  1. Visit popular rides during non-peak hours 

Some of the most popular attractions such as Disney’s Frozen Ever After or Universal’s Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey often have wait times of an hour or more during the early afternoon. If you want to avoid the large crowds, visit early in the day or during parades and fireworks shows. These are the times when attraction wait times are at their lowest often between 5 and 10 minutes. 


  1. Remember where you parked!

There are many people forget to make a note of where they left the car, and theme park parking lots are usually just as big as the park themselves. Therefore, theme parks have various ways to help their guests remember this, such as colored posts, character pictures or quirky names. Remembering this small detail is a big part of ending the night on a good note, as no one likes to end the day by searching through infinite levels of parked vehicles! 


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