Best Places to See Southern California Poppy

April 15, 2019


Spring, which means Southern California wildflowers are beginning to make their appearance and at some of these spots, they will continue to do so throughout the year.

From Antelope Valley all the way down to the coastal shores of Malibu, you can see several species of wildflowers including the famous California Poppy. During this season, there are those who insist that the name the Golden State, which is the California poppy, will bloom around Southern California.

You have several other poppy viewing opportunities in Southern California, here are some of the best places to see California poppy flowers. Just remember to enjoy them and please don’t pick them!


  1. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Poppies are currently blooming on the east side of the preserve, located in the Mojave Desert near the city of Lancaster. You might also see the orange flowers along Pearblossom Highway, which begins west of Victorville and eventually reaches the preserve,says ecological consultant James Cornett.
Although poppies are the showstopper here, keep your eye out for other wildflowers, such as desert pincushion, blue dicks, California aster, and blue lupine. Since the area received several more inches of rain than usual so far in 2019, a super bloom is expected here too this year.


  1. Malibu Creek State Park

Malibu Creek State Park is a completely changed landscape in the wake of the devastating Woolsey Fire. As hikers returned to the area in December 2018, they found formerly lush hillsides turned to black. But this winter’s rain has already brought patches of green to the area.
An online update notes they’re currently blooming along Crags Road Trail!


  1. Point Mugu State Park

There are about 900 native plants that grow throughout the Santa Monica Mountains, so you’re bound to find wildflowers on any trail in the area. Poppies are blooming in several areas across Point Mugu State Park, including near the Satwiwa Native American Indian Natural Area.


  1. Lake Elsinore

The bright orange California poppies are concentrated in the hills around Walker Canyon, and are already brilliantly in bloom–and attracting visitors, causing traffic along the 15, so do plan ahead if you’re planning to make an excursion.
You won’t have to catch a shuttle to visit Lake Elsinore’s poppy fields during weekdays, but there are still limitations on where visitors should park and walk when viewing the super bloom.
Once you arrive, keep in mind that it’s super important to stick to marked trails through the area and show the poppies some care and respect. The delicate flowers can’t survive a stampede of selfie-seekers tromping through the fields.


  1. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Amid the epic super bloom in California’s largest state park, you’ll find desert gold poppies on the lower hillsides along Coyote Canyon.
Yellow Pariah’s poppies are also blooming in the Texas Dip area of the park. Patches of yellow and purple have popped up in sandy expanses just outside of the park, though winter storms have damaged some of the roads—on the plus side, all of that rain should prolong the bloom.


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